Don’t Begin A Business or Commercial Remodel Until You READ THIS!

dust free commerical remodel

Don’t Begin A Business or Commercial Remodel Until You READ THIS!

If you’re remodeling your businesses or commercial space and you’re removing tile or any other type of hard flooring, you may not know it now, but you’re going to wish you did it dust-free! Why?




Dust from tile, concrete, brick, mortar, or other construction material usually contains crystalline silica, and this toxin is released into the air when you break up the flooring. Constant exposure to crystalline silica can lead to serious, sometimes fatal illnesses, including silicosis, lung cancer, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). 


This can spell disaster for not only your contractors but your employees and customers. Dust lingers for an extended period (usually up to 2-3 weeks), and it’s like sandpaper for your lungs. 


Dust can aggravate existing issues, including eye and skin irritation and allergic reactions, which for your employees can reduce their ability to work and damage their health. Plus, the toxic smell from construction dust will keep your customers away. So now you have no choice but to close down until you can remove the dust altogether.


If you remove the tile or hard flooring with Dust Free Tile Removal, you remove 99.97% of Dust Particles. As a result, your remodel leaves behind no dust, no toxins, and no harmful health concerns.


Sounds great, right? What about the cost benefits of removing tile or hard flooring dust-free? Well…




Not only is dust dangerous for your health but cleaning up dust on commercial jobs is costly. No matter how much contractors will prep for dust during their job, dust will always remain, and you’ll have no choice but to hire someone to come clean it up. For commercial cleanup, especially in California, the budget can range from $3-4k. 


It may be necessary to adjust your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system and replace the filters and use cleaning products to remove dust from surfaces in your establishment. If you are a restaurant, it is unlikely that food could be brought out while the dust is present; therefore, you may have to close until the health inspector gives you the “all clear.”


Removing your flooring with Dust Free Tile Removal saves money, time and eliminates the need for costly post-clean-up work.





So many businesses and contractors wish they had gone dust-free for their remodeling. Of those who have gone dust-free, many praise the results as “amazing” and “incredible.” Get a quote on a dust-free flooring removal service by clicking this link, or call us at 559-930-7036. All our equipment is 100% Built in the USA.



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