We’re More Than Just Tile Removal

We’re More Than Just Tile Removal

At Dust Free Tile Removal, we are often asked if we remove more than just tile. The answer is always yes! 


While “dust-free tile removal” is what the name implies we do, there isn’t any need for you to worry. Our team of experts will remove almost any material from any area of your home or business. We remove everything from carpeting, wood, ceramic, porcelain, backsplash, saltillo, shower stalls, fireplaces, even stone! The team can do it all.


But we like to think of our services as going far beyond just what you see.


We are Environmentally Friendly!

Did you know that breathing in tile dust can lead to asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory ailments? With our dust-free service, we remove any concerns you would have of airborne dust and toxins.


We are Cost Savers!

Our services eliminate expensive clean-up fees or possible costs that may occur due to furniture damaged during a dirty removal.


We are Time Savers!

By removing flooring or surfaces without creating any dust, it means your family won’t have to camp out in the backyard, or you won’t have to close your business for a lengthy amount of time. We work quickly and efficiently so that you can get back to normal as soon as possible.


We are Stress Relievers!

Floor removal is a big job for a lot of people, and sometimes the pressure that comes with it can be overwhelming. By not having to worry about health risks, damage, or cleaning up, the client’s stress is reduced, and the project goes more smoothly.


Change your perception about tile and flooring removal! Dust-Free Tile Removal is your number one choice for safe, worry-free work on homes and small businesses. Leave the dirty job to us—leave your job site clean. Request your free quote to experience all the benefits dust-free tile removal has to offer!

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